Dedicated to Mission Support & Technology
Development for US National Security

Company Values

Envisioneering™ is an innovative company dedicated to providing outstanding service, materials, and solutions by employing highly qualified professionals who are uniquely able to address national defense and domestic challenges.  We strive to provide high-quality, detail-oriented, responsive services and products to help our customers meet their program needs and business requirements.

With a unique blend of technical excellence, business integrity, and a value-driven management philosophy, Envisioneering™ is recognized as the contractor of choice in the markets in which it serves. Envisioneering™ offers a cadre of talented, dedicated personnel who believe in the mission of the military services and acknowledge their significance towards safeguarding our country. Our staff includes veteran warfighters, with experience ranging from Vietnam to current conflicts, who are expertly familiar with operational requirements which is invaluable for developing systems that are crucial to accomplishing missions of a diverse nature.

Envisioneering™ and its predecessor companies have operated profitably since 1982. Since its founding by Jim Kuga and the merger with Mesa Engineering, Envisioneering™ has concentrated on directed energy and electronic warfare while adding a broad portfolio of defense-related services.

The company has been built on the core values of integrity, fairness, and loyalty. This is how we treat our employees and it is our expectation that our employees will, in turn, demonstrate these same values in their individual and corporate activities. Our low rate of employee turnover and a history of long-term business relationships with our customers has allowed us consistently to establish collaborative working relationships between employees and customers, to provide employees opportunities for personal growth, and to serve the nation in which we live.

To achieve our goals, Envisioneering™:

  • Operates with uncompromising integrity.
  • Delivers high-quality services and products.
  • Provides outstanding customer service.
  • Provides the customer with a good return on investment.
  • Encourages the professional growth and development of employees.