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Ordnance and Logistics Services Overview

Envisioneering is the premier provider of Ordnance Logistics Services to the United States Navy.

We have successfully provided comprehensive ordnance logistics support for over 14 years at such locations as Naval Munitions Command (NMC), CONUS West Division (CWD) Unit Seal Beach, and Annex Fallbrook Air Launch Missile (ALM) Division, Surface Launch Missile (SLM) Division, Naval Air Station (NAS) North Island Weapons Department, and Naval Base Guam.

Envisioneering's extensive experience in ordnance and logistics services is focused in Navy operations in southern California. Our comprehensive ordnance logistics support includes inventory management, integrated logistics, ammunition distribution and control (AD&C), identifying and processing ordnance items for disposal, reconciling discrepancies, ammunition requisition processing, stockpile management, and ordnance database management. Envisioneering provides training in the areas of explosive safety, ordnance qualifications, ammunition requisition training and Automated Identification Technology (AIT).

Envisioneering administers and maintains an established Explosive Qualification and Certification Program in accordance with the Department of the Navy (DON) Explosives Safety requirements. Envisioneering's Qual/Cert Program has excelled through Explosive Safety Inspections (ESI). Due to the success of our Qual/Cert program Envisioneering has been requested to support the training and certification of other contractor's employees.

Envisioneering expends significant effort to locate and hire employees that have extensive experience in ordnance logistics. In addition to the ordnance logistics services we currently provide, Envisioneering is experienced in providing accurate inventory logistics reports and metrics that are crucial to our customers. The Envisioneering ordnance support provides critical support to logistics activities resulting in on-time weapons replenishment.

Envisioneering's comprehensive ordnance logistics support includes:

Ordnance Logistics and Management

    • Ammunition Distribution & Control
    • Ordnance Stockpile Management
    • Integrated Logistics Systems Management (OIS, SMEPS, TMRS, RAMS, AWIS, AWARS)
    • Automated Identification Technology (AIT) Maintenance and Support Management
    • RSSI and Transportation Support

Established Ammunition & Explosive Handling Qualification and Certification Program

    • Envisioneering administers and maintains an established Explosive Qualification and Certification Program. Our program meets DON/USMC Explosives Safety requirements as outlined in the OPNAVINST 8023.24 and the Marine Corps Order 8023.3.
    • Envisioneering maintains Ammunition and Explosives Personnel Qualified and Certified to meet the  Research, Development, Test and Evaluation Activities requirements under NAVSEAINST 8020.9.

Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach
Navy Munition Command

Program Management

    • Load Plan Allowances
    • Mission Load Allowances
    • Non-Combat Expenditure Allocation (NCEA) Management

Inventory Management

    • Ordnance inventory accuracy and accountability
    • Inventory Reconciliation
    • Ammunition requisitioning and distribution
    • Ammunition Sentencing

Demilitarization &  Disposal

    • DRMO Management and Disposal
    • MDAS/MDEH and Inert Certification

Minor Plant Property Management

    • RITA, WIPS, DPAS Inventory and Tracking Management