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Community Service

Envisioneering participates in numerous community service projects as a way of giving back to the community. Such endeavors are designed to promote participation, integrity and well being. Some of these public outreach projects are listed below.

Youth Golf Program

YOuth Golf ProgramFounded as an effort to provide healthy alternatives, The West Kaua‘i Youth Golf Club “Hui Kolepa” gave our children an equal opportunity to succeed by empowering young individuals with sportsmanship, discipline, and community involvement by perpetuating the etiquette of golf -- respect, honesty and integrity – to all aspects of their lives in efforts to alleviate youth drug problems and improve their self-esteem.

Youth Golf ProgramOur mission is to provide role modeling, coaching, mentoring, nurturing and leadership to the Kaua‘i and Ni‘ihau youth in an effort to excite and encourage these young minds to explore higher education, to achieve goals and healthy alternatives, to grow spiritually and to strive to be our future leaders in order to improve our community’s morale and dedication through synergy, teamwork and fellowship.

Through cooperative efforts with the Waimea United Church of Christ and the Kikiaola Land Company, a small golf swinging facility has been built, the first of its kind in Waimea. Further donations had been accumulating at the Kaua‘i Lagoon Golf Course. “They told us to bring a truck,” said Richard Kuga who loaded complete golf club sets, empty golf bags, and golf balls into the pickup.

Since its commission the West Kauai Youth Golf Club has planted the seed in over sixty Westside kids and given away forty sets of golf clubs and bags. The program continues to grow through partnerships within the community. Hui O Kolepa kicked off their partnership with the Pacific Missile Range Facility, by inviting twenty youth golfers to tee off at their driving range. Special skill sessions were offered by the Commanding Officer and Mr. Richard Kuga.

On Mother’s Day Hui O Kolepa hosted a “We are the Children” golf tournament at the Kukuiolono Golf Course for youth six to fourteen years of age. This special occasion not only introduced 60% of the participants to their first golf course, but brought together families and community members.