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Workforce Development

In partnership with government, education, business and industry on the island of Kaua‘i, Hawai’i, Envisioneering participates in offering programs and activities to students in effort to inspire them towards higher education and careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

Our commitment to the development of a qualified technical workforce promotes science and technology to Kaua‘i’s youth, advocates internship programs to improve career opportunities, and strives to enhance community involvement.

From interactions with Kaua‘i’s children, high school and college aged students to participating in active discussions with community elders and leaders regarding science, technology and new opportunities, Envisioneering is able to demonstrate the company’s commitment to the island of Kaua‘i.

The Envisioneering Talent Development Model (ETDM) is unique as it provides a leave behind capability. Our intention is to demonstrate and transition model programs to local and state agencies and industry.

Adopt A School

Adopt A SchoolAdopt A SchoolAdopt A SchoolAdopt A School

As part of the Kaua‘i Mayor’s Team Tech initiative, Envisioneering partnered with Kilauea Elementary School, in an effort to bring industry and community together in commitment to prepare the next generation. The goal of this endeavor was to enhance student interest in science and technology which Envisioneering fulfilled by developing and proctoring weekly lessons that demonstrated simple, hands-on experiments.

Each lesson included a reading exercise which gave a general history and explanation for the scientific theory and real life applications. Following a short lesson on the science itself, a step by step experiment is performed in accordance with the scientific method. Course work also includes vocabulary, review questions, and a write up of ones findings so that the experience, while fun and exciting, meets state education standards in science.

Science and Technology Career FairsThese lessons were administered to five classes ranging from grades 3-6. Approximately 180 students participate, as well as their teachers, and often with the principal. The first classes began in 2004 and many of the students impacted have gone on to pursue technical secondary education and careers

Subjects covered included: chromatography, civil engineering of bridges, gas powered rockets, experiments in light, as well as lessons in solubility and immiscible liquids.

The work with Kilauea Elementary school was so successful and the students responded so enthusiastically, that Envisioneering took it upon themselves to branch out and provide the same augmented curricula to home-school students, an after school community program and the Native Hawaiians of Ni‘ihau. These lessons empowered students with a kindled interest in the areas of science, engineering, and physics. We hope that our model program can continue and expand into other neighborhoods and school districts around the country.

Science and Technology Career Fairs

Science and Technology Career FairsEnvisioneering recognizes the importance of positive mentors for our youth. The company emphasizes the prospective benefits of showcasing Kaua‘i’s own who have pursued higher education and have ample career opportunities available in the fields of science and technology.

Through technology experiments and demonstrations, Envisioneering interns have been able to fuel the interest of the next  generation and assist students in the exploration of career options in science.

Science and Technology Career Fairs

Envisioneering has participated with:

  • Farrington/Kalihi School District Regional Fair (Oahu)
  • Kilauea Elementary School  (Kauai)
  • Kalaheo Elementary School (Kauai)
  • Eleele Elementary School  (Kauai)
  • Kapaa High School Career Fair (Kauai)
  • Kapaa Middle School (Kauai)
  • Waimea High School Career Fair (Kauai)
  • KCC Science & Career Fair (Kauai)
  • Ke Kula O Kekaha O Niihau (Niihau)

Internship Program

Internship ProgramIn efforts to support the establishing of a locally-based workforce, Envisioneering believes it is critical to provide aspiring students with early integration with industry. This program seeks to link qualified and ambitious individuals with facilities and experts in the fields of science and engineering allowing mentoring, hands-on experience and practical exposure to industry and skill.

Furthermore, these aspiring students become effective role models for other youth. Being younger and closer in age to the students, they are easily admired and serve as mentors. Above all else, it demonstrates that it is possible for a local to be successful in a STEM career.

Since 2004, twelve Kaua‘i graduates were hired by the company. Through partnerships with Kaua‘i Community College and the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility the individuals were able to immerse themselves into the high technology field and gain experience with lasers.

Brandon Allard, Bryson Semana and Shaun Arakaki were hired as interns and delegated the difficult task of designing and creating a fully functional photonics laboratory for Kaua‘i Community College. They had six weeks to prepare the lab for a presentation to a variety of distinguished guests. The guest list consisted of Hawaii Senators, the Mayor of Kaua‘i, Envisioneering, Boeing and Naval Representatives and KCC Staff and Administration. Prior to the internship they had little or no knowledge of photonics, and prepared for the internship through independent study to comprehend the theory and physics of light. Internship ProgramThe interns had a lot of help from Rose Ahart, who is an expert in the field. Over the course of two weeks, Ahart conducted numerous training sessions for the three young men. The first and most important regarded laser safety. After safety certification, training consisted of skills like mounting and aligning optical components, optical cleansing, operating and maintaining laboratory equipment and interferometry. The interns all became certified laser operators for the KCC Photonics Lab. These inaugural interns amazed their audience with demonstrations on optical alignment, interferometry, modulations and other basic photonic concepts. This presentation introduced the community to the ground-breaking technology that will be arriving to Kaua‘i in the near future. The project funding will be used to aid in the education of Kaua‘i’s youth to prepare and encourage careers in electronics and electrical engineering here on the island.

Lee Anne Cox and Naomi Nordmeier spent six weeks as interns at the Department of Energy Thomas Jefferson Laboratory in Newport News, Virginia. They worked at the Free Electron Laser Facility, where they were involved in hardware and software development for the world’s most powerful tunable laser. Specifically, they were involved in video camera fault diagnosis and repair, video multiplexing and interconnection, trim electromagnet checkout and electronic component assembly.

Internship Program

They also performed fault determination and maintenance on the electron accelerator facility based on super conducting radiofrequency technology. Over the course of the internship the two women learned about the basic operational principles of the machine and operated the laser from bringing up the RF to aligning the optical cavity and monitoring various parameters. They were registered as users at the free electron laser facility, which required radiological worker training, oxygen deficiency hazards training, and general employee radiation training, through which the interns learned about radiation and its biological effects. The interns also spent a week in Washington, D.C., where they visited the Naval Research Laboratory, Admiral Belisle, and the United States Congress and Senate Buildings.

When the internships concluded, Envisioneering actively assisted the students through employment and educational support. Lee Anne Cox is attending Duke University for a PhD in Electrical Engineering. Shaun Arakaki is currently at the University of Hawaii Manoa obtaining his bachelors in electrical engineering. Naomi Nordmeier was currently employed by Envisioneering and has applied to graduate school.

Envisioneering continued their Internship efforts by hiring Sharla Shimono a recent high school graduate who will be attending the University of Southern California in the fall to study Earth and Planetary Science. They are also participating in a high technology internship program through Kauai Community College which enables Envisioneering to collaborate with individuals like Akira Nordmeier who is working towards a bachelor of science in chemical engineering at the University of Nevada- Reno and Cedric Macadangdang who is studying electrical engineering at the University of Southern California, both have recently completed their freshman year.

The internship program not only provides individual students with hands on application and training, but also molds these individuals into role models through which endeavors like the adopt-a-school program, science and career fair demonstrations are made possible.

Kaua‘i Community College Partnership

Dedicated to the development of educational experience, Envisioneering has teamed up with Kaua‘i Community College (KCC) and adapted an augmented curricula in an attempt to satisfy the growing demands for high technology employees.

A new photonics laboratory was established modeled after several other photonics laboratories in Connecticut and New Mexico. Equipment, training and set-up were provided by Boeing, while Envisioneering provided the interns who oversaw and ran the project. This equipment was later utilized and supported by KCC for actual Navy testing of advanced directed energy technologies at PMRF

Kaua‘i Community College PartnershipFollowing the opening of the lab, a new photonics projects course was offered at the college adapting a curricula developed in part by the interns. Of the 12 students first enrolled, 4 became Envisioneering interns, the others had prior training via the electronics program at KCC or were junior engineers at PMRF.

The course culminated with a semester project in developing a protocol for the making of holograms, as well as the successful creation of a holographic logo for the University of Hawaii.

Other ventures explored through this partnership was the organization of a visiting lecture program which show cased presenters from Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility and the Directed Energy Professional Society (DEPS). These presentations highlight free electron lasers, field applications of lasers, atmospheric monitoring by laser radar, and light and detection (LIDAR) advancements.

Kaua‘i Community College Partnership

Envisioneering participated in a joint effort to bring the visiting lecture program to a new level. This seminar series included student demonstrations of hands on science using a balloon electroscope and a battery powered electromagnet. Following the youth demonstrations, a metrologist from NSWC Corona, spoke about the field of electromagnetism and career applications. The dynamic presentation was presented to 75 individuals at the Science and Technology Career Fair. These presentations are geared to showcase to the community specific advances in technology as well as career paths to interested students.