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E-Ring Consutling

Our national strategy experts founded the E-Ring division of Envisioneering, Inc. in late 2010. We work with clients and partners in academia, industry, government and the military. As a small business, we seek opportunities to team with other businesses that require these services for contract support, and to form joint ventures whenever practical.

E-Ring Consulting provides expertise in:

Net Assessment of Emerging Technologies

Data mining and trend analysis are two critical steps involved in conducting a net assessment. Determining which side of a competition has the advantage today and assessing how that advantage will grow or erode over 20-30 years is an invaluable strategic tool for businesses seeking an advantage in industry and for projecting a potential clash of military capabilities. The skill set required for this type of assessment is learned through years of experience and dedicating the time to this part-art, part-science process. We have the required experience and capacity, with many years of developing analytic tools and processes to perform these functions.

New Technology Concepts of Operations (CONOPS)

Every capability requires a market to succeed. We've seen some of the best technology ideas relegated to the bone closet of history due to a lack of conceptualization. We can revive those ideas that have tremendous sunk costs and help you "operationalize" them into relevant winners in the marketplace or on the battlefield. And we can take your new ideas and direct them on the best possible course to improve efficiency, reduce risk and increase profits in your efforts. CONOPS work involves a broad understanding of the competition, and an honest assessment of the alternatives available to the market. Even the best technology idea may not be the best fit for the inventor's intended utilization. We can find the gaps in the environment for your technology and the place where your technology has the most ubiquitous application.

National Security Studies & Analysis

The 21st Century will be defined by two strategic events: The Global War on Terror, and The “Strategic Pivot” to Asia. Each brings with it a completely new global dynamic effect with different prominence to security interests, alliances, and diplomatic maneuver. Our staff has been involved in assessing these shifting trends since the late 90’s and we have provided studies and analysis to the highest levels of government, many of which have proven prescient well in advance of globally significant events. We provide balanced investigation that uncovers the possible alternative motives for strategically ambiguous activities, and can lay out possible move-counter-move sequences with clarity to assist decision-makers with an advanced window into achieving a potentially more advantageous strategic national security posture.

Congressional Papers & Testimony

Every day, leaders from all walks of life and all industries of business are asked to testify before Congress and other leading deliberative and decision-making bodies and organizations. We have the experience crafting written and spoken testimony documents at the highest level for the record. Our services include everything from editing existing documents to content generation, and any length from several pages to volumes. We will work together with the principal speaker to ensure your spoken testimony is effective and accurately conveyed.

Applied Intelligence and Related Activities

There is no more important function of our government than staying ahead of the ever evolving threats to US National Security. Our cleared expert team of US intelligence community (USIC) professionals have deep experience leveraging the capabilities of all 16 US government agencies comprising the USIC to bring real time solutions to bear on the battlefield. We understand the threat and know how to apply intelligence and intelligence related activities, plans and operations across the spectrum of conflict to maintain US information dominance. This capability will become even more critical to fill the void left by US troops returning home from Afghanistan.

Strategic Planning (government & commercial)

Piecing together a puzzle from a complex landscape is extremely challenging. We have experience collecting the right data, probing with the right questions and collating the results into a coherent picture. This is the first step to developing a strategic plan. If data, facts or various pieces of a whole don't add up, or there is something unusual to be noticed, those are the most important pieces used to infer/deduce a more logical reality. From that mountain top view, we can help you assess your goals, project several alternative futures and decide among the best courses of action.

War Gaming (government & commercial)

War games have been important to military planners as far back as Sun Tzu and the ancient strategists. In a globalized world, they are equally important to commercial enterprises today for assessing the correct moves in competitive markets. We will support military, government and commercial clients in all aspects of strategic competition gaming. We assemble experts to play all sides of a competition including the all-important reaction of neutrals. We use established techniques and tools to guide the process over sequential steps from moments to years apart. This can include every step from planning and releasing information (pre-engagement) to gaining the advantage in a force-on force/product-on-product contest. Games can range in size from a handful of players working together to dozens of departmentalized and coordinated staffs.

Strategic Communications (products & workshops)

We have been trained in the leading strategic communication institutions and provided support to the highest offices. Our experts have provided support to our nation's most senior civilians and military officers. Strategic Communication (SC) is much more complex than saying the right words. It requires coordination across every company interface. Effective SC should promote behavior and actions, guideposts for your staff, and ultimately the desired results in your marketplace. Let us help your leadership team define strategic goals and processes to achieve them. We offer workshops to facilitate your team's processes, and we can provide quick turn analyses and products to align your efforts.

Our decades of experience working within the government on the issues above, combined with our position as a division within an innovative technology company afford us a distinctive insight into many of our nation’s most pressing strategic challenges. Our insights into business strategy have proven to dovetail nicely with commercial strategy and we offer unique perspectives to the business community. Our principle contracts to date involve developing strategic initiatives to support directed energy technologies, technology analysis with new concepts of operations, and strategic planning and strategic communications.

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