Business Areas

Systems Engineering Management

Envisioneering has in-depth experience in the full scope development of systems for naval tactical warfare applications, including system definition and requirements analysis and the different phases of development, test, and evaluation, and deployment of systems into the Fleet.

Systems Development and Integration

Envisioneering’s research and development of advanced electronic warfare systems is coupled with our ability to integrate Navy electronic warfare systems with shipboard systems and sensors, radars and electronics support systems.

Envisioneering has integrated sensor, mechanical, and signal processing technologies to exploit the best capabilities of any one
sensor to perform an overall multi-functional capability better than any sensor individually could provide.

Test Planning, Execution and Support

Envisioneering has experience testing electronic warfare and directed energy systems at virtually all of the Navy’s test ranges. From test site selection, to the acquisition of equipment and facilities, to the conduct of the test and data collection and analysis, Envisioneering has developed the appropriate processes and requirements for planning and carrying out successful tests. Envisioneering is able to develop and integrate components and systems into air, land, and sea-platforms.

Our team can assist customers with systems development and integration requirements on virtually any Government or commercial platform.

Laboratory and Facility Operations

A key to successful research and development efforts is the capability to procure, set-up, upgrade, and maintain specialized laboratory facilities. Envisioneering’s comprehensive capabilities in this area encompass the review and analysis of current laboratory measurement techniques, performing optical and mechanical design studies, conducting laboratory measurements, developing control and data reduction software, and developing databases for the storage and retrieval of reduced data.

Envisioneering has conducted new threat assessments and significantly contributed to the development and implementation of effective countermeasure solutions by applying the systematic process of analysis and experimentation. As a result of our success in the laboratory, Envisioneering advanced the technical fields of directed energy, high power microwave and electronic countermeasure systems research, as well as for the development and transition of these systems out of the laboratory to programs of record.

Technology Management

Solid industry knowledge and real-world executable planning has made our program management team sought after by many clients. Our experience spans technology assessments, program formulation, fiscal planning and audits, coordination of large-scale field tests, development of plans and strategies for joint and coalition activities, and organizing and coordinating services and other multi-national conferences and meetings.

Technology assessments have been used to investigate the application of specific technologies for possible use in an operational system, either offensive or defensive, given the capabilities of U.S. and foreign technologies. Envisioneering has the capability to perform technology assessments of weapons and components to determine the vulnerability of electronic systems. We have supported technical meetings at government sites and at Envisioneering and have taken care of the security for those meetings, provided draft briefings, meeting minutes, and action item summaries.

Modeling and Simulation

Envisioneering understands that systems engineering is moving from a document-driven method of tracking development to a model-based process where the requirements and design are captured in a model. One of our key strengths is our modeling and simulation group. Core contributions are in the areas of infrared and radio frequency ship signature modeling, IR and RF anti-ship missile defense engagement modeling, IR surface-to-air missile defense engagement modeling, electromagnetic effects modeling, and RF countermeasure modeling.

Acquisition Management Support

Envisioneering has provided technical, systems engineering, and programmatic support services to the Navy on programs such as: InTop Innovative Naval Prototype (INP), Multi-function Electronic Warfare, Electronic Warfare Integrated System for Small Platforms, Shipboard Integrated Electro-Optic Defense Systems, the SLQ-59, Enhanced Surface EW Improvement Program and Enhanced Nulka Future Naval Capability (FNC) programs.

Envisioneering’s subject matter experts have been called upon to provide technical support in multiple electronic Warfare (EW) roadmap efforts as well as to support various Science and Technology (S&T) evaluations for Discovery and Invention (D&I), FNC, INP, and Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) programs.

Envisioneering applies a systems approach to the engineering services we provide by considering all disciplines within systems engineering. Our expertise includes Anti-Tamper technologies, Information Assurance, Communications, Information Operations, Military Deception and Directed Energy. Our continuing research and participation in advanced technology programs has allowed us to keep pace with adversary advancements and understand underlying technology needs as essential elements in our capability to support. Our programmatic services include:

Technical meetings and Integrated Product Team (IPT) support, to include coordination and review of Technical Documentation; Provide independent assessments and trade analysis concerning implementation options for hardware and software architecture that best meet the requirements for portability, robustness, and use of open standards; Assist Government Personnel in Program Management Provide support in the Requirements Generation Process Assist Navy RDT&E activities in the performance of a variety of financial, technical and support activities; Maintain budgets; Monitor commitments, obligations and expenditures; Coordinate and organize meetings, prepare fact sheets, brochures, charts and multi-media presentations and documents